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A sustainable future requires the decarbonization of hard-to-abate industries. Synata Bio offers organizations the opportunity to utilize point-source carbon emissions to lower carbon emissions and create value.

Ethylene is
$161B global

Ethylene is the backbone of the global chemical industry. It’s projected to grow to more than $300B by 2040. Thanks to our unique microorganisms, advanced bioreactors and optimized process design, we’re ready to meet this demand.

Synata Bio has created a carbon transformation platform that leverages industrial biotechnology to produce sustainable commodities from low value carbon and renewable energy.

Industrial Off-Gas

Synata Bio’s technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions by utilizing industrial off-gas from processes such as energy from waste, CO2 from ethanol production, and coal-to-chemicals. By integrating our carbon-negative ethanol solutions, industries can enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Our advanced process captures CO2 emissions and repurposes them into valuable products, contributing to cleaner energy production and supporting the transition towards renewable energy sources. This helps companies meet regulatory requirements and align with global sustainability targets, leading to a greener and more efficient industrial sector.


Synata Bio converts CO2 emissions from petrochemical processes into valuable commodities in the petrochemical sector. Our proprietary technology captures emissions generated during these processes and transforms them into carbon negative ethanol. This approach provides sustainable solutions for oil, gas, and refining industries by reducing their carbon footprint and turning waste emissions into profitable products. By adopting Synata Bio’s technology, petrochemical companies can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy.


Synata Bio’s technology captures emissions from various industrial processes and converts them into sustainable fuels. This reduces fuel production’s environmental impact and supports the transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. Our innovative approach enables the creation of carbon-negative ethanol, which can be used as a renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuels in the rail, automotive, and marine sectors. By repurposing CO2 emissions, we help fuel producers improve their sustainability profiles and comply with stringent environmental regulations.

Chemical Products

Synata Bio captures emissions to create sustainable chemicals that can be used in various industries. Our technology focuses on chemical producers so that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance operational efficiency. By converting CO2 emissions into carbon-negative ethanol, we provide a renewable alternative to fossil-derived feedstocks. Additionally, our approach enables the production of animal feed, food, and aquaculture products, contributing to the circular economy and creating durable goods. This supports the global shift towards cleaner and more sustainable chemical products, benefiting the environment and the economy.

Validated by Experts

Our fuel-grade ethanol product meets ASTM standards and has been validated by Chevron and engine tested by General Motors, but ethanol for fuel is just a starting point.

Leveraging mature catalytic technology, we believe carbon negative ethanol will be the platform molecule of the future.

Ethanol will serve as the starting point for 90% of high value chemicals, displacing fossil-derived feedstocks while taking advantage of nearly 6 trillion dollars of existing chemical industry infrastructure.

Our Technology

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to revolutionize how industries manage CO2 emissions. We employ a single-step, feedstock-flexible fermentation process that efficiently and economically converts synthesis gas from low-cost feedstocks into ethanol. Our proprietary, non GMO biocatalysts enable scalable production across various commercial sizes. This innovative process meets ASTM standards for fuel-grade ethanol, and leverages mature catalytic technology to produce carbon-negative ethanol. Ethanol is the platform molecule of the future, serving as the starting point for the vast majority of high-value chemicals. It will displace fossil-derived feedstocks and tap into the extensive infrastructure of the existing chemical industry.

Our Value

Synata Bio offers a transformative solution that turns CO2 emissions into valuable, sustainable resources. By capturing and repurposing carbon emissions, our technology provides a dual benefit: reducing the environmental impact of various industries while creating cost-saving opportunities. Our carbon negative ethanol is a versatile platform molecule, applicable in multiple sectors such as industrial off-gas, petrochemicals, fuels, and chemical products. This solution helps companies meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals while driving operational efficiency and profitability. With Synata Bio, businesses can seamlessly integrate sustainability and economic performance, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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