Transforming The Future With Our Technology

We’re proudly positioned for scalability today, and our technology is well-
situated for the inevitable coming changes in carbon pricing without
requiring us to develop new technology.

How It Works

We use a single-step, feedstock-flexible fermentation process to convert synthesis gas and waste gas from low cost feedstocks into ethanol in the most economical and scalable manner enabled by proprietary, non-GMO biocatalysts that can be economically built at a range of commercial scales, offering:

High Co2 selectivity

Efficient conversion of H2

Maximizes carbon productivity

We make every carbon count.
Our biocatalysts work harder
than any others.

Synata Bio’s proprietary, non-GMO species of microorganisms provides significant economic advantages.

Provides high gas conversion rates (up to 99% CO and 95% H2) and high yields

Robust and stable for thousands of hours (Operated for over 100’s of thousands of hours; longest steady-state test run in excess of 3,000 hours)

Can support operation with >90% recycle of water from distillation – reducing water usage and wastewater treatment costs

The Most Advanced
and Efficient Bioreactors

Our patented design provides high mass transfer rate and high syngas conversion in a single pass.

The non-pressurized operation provides high reliability because there are no moving parts.

Our ability to scale to large size fermenters provides CAPEX savings and superior process economics.

Sylonto Success

Our first project is a replicable design basis for every other project to follow. It ensures efficiencies and deliverables to provide a valuable case study for future licensors and investors. 

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