Transforming The Future of Chemicals & Fuels Production

A sustainable future necessitates the transformation of the chemical and fuel industries away from fossil carbon and toward primarily renewable energy. Synata Bio’s technology is the key to rapidly and efficiently drive this transition.

Ethylene is a $161B global market.

Ethylene is the backbone of the global chemical industry. It’s projected to grow to more than $300B by 2040. Thanks to our unique microorganisms, advanced bioreactors and optimized process design, we’re ready to meet this demand.

Synata Bio has created a carbon transformation platform that leverages industrial biotechnology to produce sustainable commodities from low value carbon and renewable energy.

The Least Cost Producer of Sustainable Commodities at Scale

We’re proudly positioned for scalability today, and our technology is well-situated for the inevitable coming changes in carbon pricing without requiring us to develop new technology.

When combined with commercially available ethanol dehydration, Synata is already positioned to beat both fossil-based incumbents and competing green routes in the cost of producing renewable ethylene in a carbon constrained market.

How It Works

We use a single-step, feedstock-flexible fermentation process to convert synthesis gas from low-cost feedstocks into ethanol in the most economical and scalable manner enabled by proprietary, non-GMO biocatalysts that can be economically built at a range of commercial scales, offering:


High carbon

High conversion
of H2

Our fuel-grade ethanol product meets ASTM standards and has been validated by Chevron and engine tested by General Motors, but ethanol for fuel is just a starting point.

Leveraging mature catalytic technology, we believe carbon negative ethanol will be the platform molecule of the future.

Ethanol will serve as the starting point for 90% of high value chemicals, displacing fossil-derived feedstocks while taking advantage of nearly 6 trillion dollars of existing chemical industry infrastructure.

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The Best Bugs Around

Our biocatalysts work harder than any others. Synata Bio’s proprietary, non-GMO species of microorganisms provides significant economic advantages…

  • Provides high syngas conversion rates (up to 99% CO and 95% H2) and high yields
  • Robust and stable for thousands of hours (Operated for over 40,000 hours; longest steady-state test run in excess of 3,000 hours)
  • Can support operation with >90% recycle of water from distillation – reducing water usage and wastewater treatment costs

The Most Advanced and Efficient Bioreactors

Our patented design provides high mass transfer rate and high syngas conversion in a single pass.

The non-pressurized operation provides high reliability because there are no moving parts.

Our ability to scale to large size fermenters provides CAPEX savings and superior process economics.

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