Turn Emissions From Waste to Products

Our technology decarbonizes your operations and unlocks valuable new products for your organization.

Decarbonization through Innovation

From power to petrochemicals, and products, Synata Bio’s wide-ranging technology revolutionizes operations to convert CO2 byproducts into ethanol to grow your organization.

Enhanced Productivity

Synata Bio’s solutions deliver actual cost savings for your organization. By repurposing CO2 emissions, you can unlock new revenue streams.

Cost Savings

Through repurposing CO2 emissions, you can increase operational efficiences and add co-product value. 

Valuable Commodities

Converting your carbon emissions into fungible products unlocks the value in them. 

Innovation in Operations

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Synata Bio’s technology seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure,
minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency. Enhance your current operations without the need for extensive modifications.

Our process produces carbon-negative ethanol, which meets ASTM standards and opens new market opportunities for sustainable fuel and chemical production.

Our solutions are designed to scale with your business needs and adapt to your carbon emissions profile, ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability. Stay ahead of the curve with adaptable technology.

We’re proudly positioned for scalability today, and our technology is well-positioned for the inevitable changes in carbon pricing. Partner with Synata Bio to put your organization ahead of the curve.


Carbon Capture

Revolutionize Operations for Success

Synata Bio is well-positioned to revolutionize operations across various industries, offering innovative solutions that turn CO2 emissions into valuable products. By integrating our advanced technology, organizations can achieve significant cost savings, enhance efficiency, and drive decarbonization. Our proprietary process captures and repurposes CO2 emissions, transforming them into carbon-negative ethanol and other high-value products.