Sustainability in Industry

Scalable and Affordable Technology for Decarbonization

Where others see waste, at Synata Bio we see opportunity. We are on a crusade to change the status quo and repurpose waste carbon. We will catalyze both the carbon and hydrogen economies with the production of low carbon fuel and circular chemicals.

We are the leading turnkey technology partner that profitably maximizes the value of waste-based carbon while abating 2 tons of CO2 per ton of product.

We will profitably enable the utilization of over 50 million tons of waste carbon; 300,000 tons at a time. We make every carbon count!

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Trusted by 17 Years of Reasearch and Development

Transforming CO2 Emissions into Products

Synata Bio catalyzes the circular and hydrogen economies to help produce low-carbon ethanol and chemicals. Ethanol is the platform molecule of the future, serving as the starting point for the vast majority of high-value chemicals. It will displace fossil-derived feedstocks and tap into the extensive infrastructure of the existing chemical industry.

We are the leading turnkey technology partner that profitably maximizes the value of waste-based carbon.

Visionary Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We are the leading turnkey technology partner that profitably maximizes the value of waste carbon while decarbonizing our customers’ supply chains. Synata Bio drives to challenge and change the status quo and repurpose gases rich in carbon into building blocks that will drive the global transition to circular products.

Invest in the future of Decarbonization

We believe every ton of carbon emissions captured isn’t just a benefit for the environment – it’s also dollars saved for your business. With us, sustainability, efficiency, and profitability are interconnected and we strive to solve for these, simultaneously. 

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Interested in diving deeper into our decarbonization technology or industry news? Check out our blog and case studies for valuable insights, real-world examples, and the latest trends. See how Synata Bio is on the leading edge toward a more sustainable future.

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We strive to be a valuable source of information and insights into our world of decarbonization. Our full team of experts with decades of experience are ready to assist you in your decarbonization journey. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Synata Bio’s technology is unique in its ability to capture and repurpose CO2 emissions from industrial processes, turning them into valuable products.

Investing in Synata Bio is easy. Simply contact our investor relations team, and they will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance to get started.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Synata Bio. From our technology to our business practices, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and driving positive change for future generations.